Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2nd day of orthopedic posting

ortho was so relaxed, i had to forced my self to wake up every mornign, coz i kinda lost the will to wake up early ever morning since i have no class wahaha ;p

7am 25 october
finished downloading real steel! watched the whole movie while doing osteomyelitis, and of course that didn't get me anywhere with my homework *sigh* started to feel like im not really focusing on my studies! and that kinda freaked me out

wen to the hospital to get my books back, from zarina and nadrah..clerk my patients and perform examination, im surprise i didnt absolutely forgotten on how to examine the leg..i hate ortho, but i seriously have to learn to love it, cause its all about practical now...a bit of realization i had is, its not just how you know how to examine, but its all in the theory, if you do not think of it you wont get the answer and thus everything goes wrong! seriously..

6pm tuesday
baby bank in some money :)
huarghhhehahaha lega sikit duit tinggal rm 5 jew isk isk..

7pm tuesday
watch fright night, almost pissed in my pants whaahah! wasn't all that terifying but some parts of it still scares me especially when you gave the creeps of someone watching you from the bakc! makes my hair on the back of my neck stands up! huhu

mandi and solat..continue on reading "startled by his furry shorts" diary of Georgia Nicholson.. bought the book during the huge big bad wolf book sale :) managed to get a few of its books but not the whole set..sadly... now i knew that Georgia Nicholson is actually an idiot..can't help laughing all night :) it was a nice story, takes my mind of things (especially when thinking about my boyfriend who didn't have time for me)..i don't know but i think we kinda drift apart..oh well see how it goes..when i think about was so awesome to be Georgia, she had two boys trailing off for her..*sigh* must be nice being bonkers :)

10 pm
was so sleepy i had to called it a night, before i sleep though i did downloaded toy story 1 and 2, to have a couple of laugh when i wake up in the morning tomorrow.. mama asyraf msg me and i was to sleepy to reply huh! :( but replied it when i got up..

my day for the day :) not much
but i think its great! :)

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