Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to stop automatic negative thoughts

First, NOTICE that you’re trapped in the vicious cycle of automatic negative thinking (ANTs). Then, decide to BREAK THE CYCLE by using a "thought stopping" statement (some examples are below). Finally, find something to DO that takes your concentration, interest, and focus AWAY FROM those old negative, vicious-cycle thoughts.

  1. SO WHAT? - This is a stronger and more determined SO WHAT? than we’ve used before. S. reports that when she realizes that she’s ruminating on past events that she can raise her voice, with determination, and say SO WHAT? (loudly) to cut off the ruminating thinking. Then, she finds something to DO.
  2. WHAT’S IN THE PAST IS OVER, I CAN’T CONTROL IT, IT’S GONE, FORGET IT, THE PRESENT IS WHERE I WANT TO STAY! A longer statement that is said more forcefully (not angrily) to put the past where it belongs – in the graveyard. Focusing on the present ensures that your future will be bright. Thanks to D.
  3. WHY AM I LETTING MYSELF GET WORKED UP ANYWAY? IT’S NO BIG DEAL! A reminder that we make mountains out of molehills. Thinking and analyzing situations just makes us worse – we stop the overblown thoughts and deliberately move on to something constructive. Thanks to C.
you just have to have a strong will power..
dont get yourself to worked out on somthing not real!
my plan is to:
1. write encouragements quotes and past them all over the house
2. rearrange furniture
3. go shopping
4. go bowling

look you can have a lot of other stuffs you can do okay :)

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